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Dr Amy Stebbings is a consultant in Respiratory and Internal Medicine at Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, with immediate access to ?state of the art? facilities. She previously worked at Gleneagles Hospital since 1998. She graduated in 1989 from the University of Bristol, UK (MB.,ChB) and was trained initially in the main teaching hospitals in Bristol, UK and subsequently at the University of Singapore's main teaching hospital, National University Hospital. ?She received her postgraduate degree MRCP (UK) in 1993 and subsequently subspecialized in Respiratory Medicine, achieving her specialist accreditation in 1998 (FAMS)and FCCP (USA) in 2001. ?She has been involved in extensive asthma research both at the University of Singapore and at Gleneagles Hospital, and is an advocate of patient education having been Vice-President of the Asthma Association of Singapore for four years from 2001 to 2004. ?During that time, she was responsible for the publishing of the Association's biannual publication, "Active with Asthma".

Dr Stebbings has published articles in major peer review journals, in particular "Chest" (published in the USA), "Respirology" and the "Singapore Medical Journal". ?Her other interests are in the study of Hospital Acquired Pneumonia and its Morbidity and Mortality, Community Acquired Pneumonia and the causes of haemoptysis. ?She has a varied clinic practice predominantly involved in the management patients with persistent asthma, chronic cough, sarcoid and pulmonary fibrosis, sleep apnoea and smoking related diseases (emphysema and lung cancer).

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